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Hey I supposed to say that? Well..... As you may know (or may not) my friend HMLestrange left this group as a leader and deviant art for some reasons (you can click on her page to see the journal) so it's my turn for managing it. But well.....its my last year at my school now...lot of work.i think I wont have a lot of time for it. So either, someone is also co leader and mainly managing this group or will pick a new leader or this group is going to be shut down....
So please what you think
Dear members, watchers and other deviants,

When I had learned about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I was totally in shock.
J.K. Rowling had ruined our beloved childfree Bellatrix and Lord Voldemort.
Short after this I've find out that I'm not the only one who doesn't like HP and the Cursed Child for that single reason. That's why I found this group. For all those fans who loves and supports a childfree Bellamort!

HM Lestrange

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